We are glad to announce that the Social Guardian Beta app is now available on Google Play Store! You can sign up on the Beta app and get access to the paid plan free for lifetime.

What is the Social Guardian App? 🤔

Social Guardian is a revolutionary smartphone app that keeps you away from smartphone addiction, social media addiction, porn addiction, and helps you minimize your screen time. You can claim your time and motivation back to spend it with your friends, family, the hobby you always wanted to follow or your side hustle.

Social Guardian breaks the usage patterns by adding a layer of protection between you and the app you are addicted to. The Social Guardian app is your digital guardian. It saves you from the harmful over usage of social media, smartphone or watching adult content (coming soon) to waste your precious time and energy!

How does the Social Guardian App work?

You can install the Social Guardian app on your smartphone via Google Play Store and select the apps you want to block on your smartphone. Not only that, Social Guardian smartphone application also provides the option to block notifications on your phone. That provides a better opportunity to focus on the things that matter in the real world.

Where can I use the Social Guardian Beta app?

You can download the Beta app from Google Play Store !

So, what are you waiting for, join the Social Guardian Beta today and gain access to your real life back!