In the digital age, an escalating global phenomenon is the excessive screen time and persistent attachment to electronic devices. If you find yourself endlessly scrolling through social media apps, caught in the web of watching one more video, reading one more post, or sending one more message, then you’re no stranger to this pervasive problem.

This compulsive behavior, often labeled “screen addiction“, is enveloping society across all demographic boundaries. With our smart devices transforming into an extension of our persona, the adverse effects of excessive screen time are becoming an alarming concern. The harm is not just physical, impacting our eyes and sleep patterns, but significantly affects mental health as well. As we grapple with the burgeoning digital invasion in our lives, it becomes imperative to introspect and ask – are we controlling our devices or are they controlling us?

So, there are various techniques you can use to reduce time starring at your distracting screens and improve productivity, let’s see the top five android apps to limit screen time for you!

Social Guardian

If your or your child’s screen time is reaching alarming levels and you spend a lot of time to use apps or doom scrolling, putting time limits on your daily screen time would help you unlock your true potential. Social Guardian is the best app to limit screentime and improve your productivity.

Social Guardian provides detailed analytics for the specific apps you use, help you set parental controls, minimize phone usage, give you alert when you overuse certain app from app store and so on. With Social Guardian app, you can set daily limits for the specific time you want to use an app, put time restrictions for certain apps for certain locations and connection settings, allow you to limit your kid’s screen time as well.

With detailed insights on amount of time spent on specific apps, you can stay off your phone for a while by preparing custom schedules for certain time periods. Social Guardian allows you to block apps while you are trying to focus on the things that matters the most. This will block access to the app for a certain period of time and you reduce average time spending on their phone.


Forest employs a unique perspective to discourage phone usage: by cultivating trees, both virtually and physically. Being a part of global contribution is a desire commonly shared by all. What could be a superior method than disconnecting from your electronic device whilst making a sustainable difference?

Every time you want to concentrate and reduce time to use social media, sow a tree in the app! The tree flourishes as time elapses, provided your device remains untouched. If you exit the application, the tree perishes. However, if you successfully remain focused, your tree is incorporated into your personal productivity forest.

Forest distinguishes itself from other applications aimed at reducing screen time by contributing to the real world as well. They collaborate with Trees for the Future, an organization responsible for tree plantation in numerous countries across the globe. Disconnect from your device and generate a positive environmental impact with Forest’s assistance.


Flipd integrates the functionalities of screen-time notifications, productivity-enhancing tools, and mindfulness applications into a single platform. Its purpose is to serve as a central point for purposeful gadget use, conveniently provided within a solitary application.

This app comes with features allowing the imposition of limitations on distractive applications, fostering focus on tasks preset for the day. Moreover, it also provides access to a variety of resources including speakers, coaches, and productivity-enhancing tips or soothing audio tracks to assist in sleep. Users also become part of a community of individuals with shared objectives relating to conscientious device usage.

Flipd also gives users the ability to monitor your activities on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to help you reduce overall screen time. Encourage your friends to download Flipd to mutually enforce adherence to the goals set. Chart your personalized route to mindful living with the facilitation offered by Flipd. 

One Sec

One Sec is an interesting app that is designed to stop you from accessing distracting apps again and again. When you block an app with the help of One Sec and try to open up that app – One Sec will bring a 10 second long popup before you can access the application.

This becomes irritating after a point that your addiction to use the app will start decreasing slowly. You will end up clicking on the app icon lesser than previously you used to do. The free app will come with limited options, but it is pretty useful if you are exploring apps to reduce screen time with self control.

With One Sec ap, you can control iOS devices, Google Chrome Store and Android apps as well.

Google Family Link

The Google Family Link application is a powerful tool designed for parental control, aiming to ensure digital safety for children. This innovative app allows parents to moderate the usage of various forms of digital media, effectively helping to reduce screen time. Through Google Family Link, parents can block social media access during certain periods, which can prove instrumental in decreasing distractions caused by incessant notifications and updates.

Moreover, the app provides solutions to tackle distractions more comprehensively. It can prevent users from accessing specific sites or applications containing potentially distracting content. This feature becomes particularly valuable during times when concentration and focus are paramount, for instance, during school hours or homework time. Google Family Link clearly reflects Google’s commitment to empowering parents in maintaining a balanced and healthy digital environment for their children.

The flexible options it provides can be customized to suit the unique needs of every child and family, thus providing a personalized digital experience. In this era of digital interconnectivity, Google Family Link stands out as a robust mechanism to exercise responsible and effective parental control.

Conclusion - Apps to Limit Screen Time on Android

In conclusion, Android apps have significantly evolved to provide solutions for managing smartphone usage, specifically in controlling screen time exposure. Numerous applications now offer features to limit screen time, thereby assisting parents in managing, monitoring, and minimizing the amount of time their children spend glued to their screens.

These innovative apps often include parental control options, which allow for the regulation and restriction of certain applications such as social media apps or other potentially time-consuming or harmful platforms. The utility and effectiveness of said apps are certainly worth acknowledging. They assist individuals beyond mere time tracking, equipping them with the tools needed to balance digital well-being and offline responsibilities, which today’s digital-centric world greatly demands.

However, it is essential to note that while these apps provide considerable assistance in managing screen time, it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual and/or the parents to ensure that smartphone usage is purposeful and non-disruptive to one’s daily routines and overall quality of life. Indeed, the Android infrastructure, while being a source of potentially addictive screen time, also provides the means to control its usage and effect to the end-user.